April 09, 2010

Wrapping up and moving on-I'll be on the radio!

I'm about to eat lunch and bike down to one of the beaches, but of course, I have to post first.  Lunch is gluten free flax bread with almond butter and homemade grapefruit jelly made by a friend from class. I'll probably slide some local Arugula in between too.

To finish on this whole tensegrity (the body's integrity of structure) fascia conversation, I wanted to point out that the image I last posted with the bands and beams is how our body is held together, which I mentioned. What I forgot to say was that anytime we have a pull on one end of the tensegrity model, the other side is also constrained.  So that neck stiffness you have ain't coming from the neck, check your hips, sacrum or even your feet! Review the last 4 entries of this blog to catch up, if you haven't read it yet, do it. You just might learn something about your body!

Now, onto the weekend, I'm off for the week and I'm gonna go study some asana to find specific injuries I can work with people on if they are hurting, the weather has broken and I'm going on my first hike this weekend, work with a partner on Yogalign-maybe from the top of a mountain and then tomorrow night.... I will be making my community radio debut on a show called 'The Get Low Show' which highlights music from the best players around. 

Laura, my classmate is taking me on the air! I will be on KKCR Kauai community radio, from 10pm to midnight (Kauai time) where apparently we will be doing some partying too. You can listen in too, live streaming.

Have a great mahalo mamish aloha weekend.

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