February 15, 2011

Time to Forge Ahead

You know when you can see a pattern repeating over and over again.. man does it get annoying! So here I am again, w/o a job, gotta find a new place to live in a few weeks, money running out...

I am not upset by this. I'm just tired of it.

I've been here before and have built my life up around me to support my lack of material. I know I am strong. I am unattached to being 31 and not having certain things that others in my life have. I don't care that I don't have a house. I don't care that I'm still single. I don't care that the path ahead of me is misty... Why? Because the mist is rising.

I've spent my life digging inside. I've been digging and have struck gold many times. I took chances, moved out here, and have been a part of special, magical amazing endeavors and communities. I found the didgeridoo. And most important out of all of these things is I've found my own dance.

I am now part of a global conscious dance community that I can sink into anywhere, anytime and just let myself go on the dance floor.

This is all gold to me.

NOW, it's time to end a pattern and build. With all my interests floating in front of me, I know I'm an artist and I know in my core that I'll be pro at whatever it I choose to move ahead with...

So this comes as a bit of surprise as I'm about to import Kava from Hawaii and package my own blends of this inspiring, uplifting and calming herb. I'll mix it with greens, I'll mix it with chai spices.. I'm gonna move ahead and let it lead me to where ever it does.. because there's lots I want to do. I want to make and record music, I want to perform, I want to dance with companies and create my own form of ecstatic dance classes, I want to be an entrepreneur.

I want the world... actually, I want to be IN the world, out in front, being seen and being me. I know it's cliche, roll with it.


February 11, 2011

Yellowbox Eucalypt.

The next didg' has been acquired.. Proud to say after traveling to 4 different locals
from LA to Ojai back to the Bay to Oakhurst (near Yosemite) I found my didg today,
a Yellowbox Naiuwa [n-eye-oo-ah] Family Didg...

It's low, deep and resonant... cosmic sounding, meditative and trancy..

It's what called to me.. I am totally stoked.  It doesn't quite look like this one, although it does have a snake on it.. b/c the sound slithers all smooth-like~

Now I have to do some oil curing work to seal the inside so it doesn't crack like my last one did
b/c i never knew how to care for it.. ANd the old didg can be saved and will be badder than ever
when Im through with it's transformation.

Sleepy now.. gonna rest up mates~


February 09, 2011

The Didg' Is Gone.. The Didg' Has Gone Away~ (or has it?)

Crack. Bang. BOOM!

That was the sound of my heart breaking open.. and as Cjay said, "Only a heart broke wide open can contain the whole world?"  

It was also the sound of m'didg slipping away from my hands, down the steps (like, cruising down the steps) and slamming into the banister at the bottom of the landing. The force created a 3-foot crack running up the didg' rendering it IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY!!!


No more didg to play!

My initial reaction was to fly to Australia and find an new one. It was the path I took ten years ago to find my 'oh-so-special Australian Ironwood Eucalyptus dideridoo, so why not again?

Ah.. flights, floods, money.. I'm grounded for now.

So the next best idea was to head to LA to hunt for new didges.. So I went walkabout with m'good mate Darius Jaeger. I went to La Outback-check. Nothing there that called to me. I went to the Elevate house in Ojai and met Adil who had didges to sell... I thought this is Kismit for sure, but his didges didn't call to me either. Then Darakshan (the man who owns the house in Ojai) sent to Rafael Bejarano, a world class musician in town. 

His didges were SUPER SWEEEET!! A bit expensive though.. so I left empty handed to go on walkabout back to the Bay with Darius. 

All this meandering, and all the time following the path of my heart.. listening to intuition. I met this really awesome man in Ojai who was at the house named Cameron Powers. He's 67 years young and still travels the world playing middle eastern music. I can go on and on about this man, but he said something I want to share with y'all.. "You either follow your own intuition or the existing paradigm." 

I thought that was a rockin' status update at the time.. and it's turning out to be my mantra for my next didg'. I'm going to wait til I find the didg' that is mine, and I'm sure I'll know it when I play it.

The surprising factoid of the trip was when I got home, and I SWEAR THIS IS TRUE, the didg's crack had actually closed up! It went from a quarter inch thick to a sliver all the way up and down..

Do you think god had other plans for me and decided to close it on it's own,.. letting me know that through my search for a new didg' I was only to return home and find my original didg' waiting for me, healing on it's own, reminding me that there is no 'other' didg'.. there is only one didg.

Now I'm going to fix it and never part with it ever!


February 01, 2011

day 104. new moon.

Bust it out
let it flow
make a mess
open up
say whats there
dont worry
be happy
go for it
or you'll never know
say hello
make new friends
extend yourself
take the initiative
stop bitching
stop complaining
let go