Didgeridoo at the Hotel California-Palm Springs, 6/2011 from brandon waloff on Vimeo.

Didgeridoo and Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation by Wandering Dju

*Coming soon, 'Explorations'; A musical journey with didgeridoo and other cosmic sounds. 
To support the process of this album AND here it before anyone else does, you can purchase an unedited, raw release (demo) of my project, containing 6-mind bending tracks. $10 to support the funding of the completion of this project.

Didg'in da' subway from brandon waloff on Vimeo.
This is my second time out in the NYC subway system (broadway/lafayette) playing the didgeridoo. I have here, a mini casio keyboard accompanying me. While I did get circular breathing down, it was difficult to do while playing the keys. No matter, enjoy~

Playing the didg in broadway/lafayette subway platform