February 22, 2012

Day 22

Movin' along and movin strong.. Day 22 was my return to innocence. Meaning my return to the foundation of my work, which is playing long and playing strong, playing didgeridoo meditative style; following breath, following spirit, not following thinking but listening to thought. 7 more days will culminate at Ecstatic Dance.

Afterwards, production for my indiegogo project.



February 15, 2012

Didgeridoo Sound Test and Meditation on Wednesday morning, 2/1/12

Didgeridoo Sound Test and Meditation on Wednesday morning, 2/1/12

That was two weeks ago.. TOday, I posted an epic 30 minute or so recording complete with 5 minute intro to whatever it was I was talking about and
some chatting afterwards when I was all didged-out.. A clear
indicator that the didge changes brainwaves, I was in a bliss-state.

However, the flash plug-in crashed causing the upload to be
at a snails pace, it’s still uploading at my apt. and I’m fearful I will lose
the track completely! (ITS SO EPIC!) I don’t want to lose it.

So, I’d thought I would share as well as the first day I recorded,
two weeks ago.



February 14, 2012

Anti-Valentines Day Didgeridoo Meditation

Anti-Valentines Day Didgeridoo Meditation
Recorded today for you! This didgeridoo meditation will cosmically portal you past any pretense or limited belief systems you have about Valentines Day and who you are "supposed" to be.

This is about showing up genuinely and sharing your heart with the people in your world, aligned with what works for you vs. what you should do.

Listen to this and allow yourself to go on the mysterious ride that is, Valentines Day Didgeridoo Meditation!


February 09, 2012

Day 9

Tired now at work, needed to jump back into the expression of creativity and talk about this process. It’s amazing what I am noticing. I don’t even care what the end result is of all this didgeridoo-ing; if there is a final product, an album or even where to be next month? I’m so engrossed in this 29 days of didg where I record and play every day for February.

It’s been so fun posting daily, getting up early just to practice, where I will go and record, how I will create the camera angle, the lighting and what else I can integrate into my videos so they aren’t redundant.

I’d love some feedback.. Where do you want to see me play? With who? With what? I’m ready to start expanding my game.


p.s. here is day 9, if you haven’t seen yet…

February 08, 2012

Signs of Commitment w/o Attachment

I woke up BEFORE my alarm this morning.
Inspired, ready to play didg' and
record today's video.
I'm loving the process.

It's a foggy morning
here in the East BaY~
Perfect for a mysterious
didgeridoo video recording.

I had the perfect spot in mind.

The Champions of Humanity
Memorial Sculpture in Oakland,
just a few blocks from my house.

Set up time: 45 minutes
Travel to and fro: 25 minutes
Recording length: 10 minutes.

Arriving back at my house to quickly
and leave for work,

I realize something;
The audio didn't record.

Such beautiful imagery,
but no audio.
No didgeridoo sounds.
No audio of the passage from
Warrior of The Light.

Gotta do it again.

In the shower I was
feeling inspired still.
A marker, this was;
It stood out.

Being so committed
to the process,
without loosing
without being
attached to the outcome,
ready to begin again.
I love the process,
commitment shines.


February 05, 2012

DIdg' Awareness Project; All during February.

I'm raising the vibration, every day in fact. For the month of February I am playing my didgeridoos around town, and recording them for audio tracks and/or video tracks. It's my way of spreading awareness of the didgeridoo, being present and to increase energy around an upcoming fundraising project I am going to be doing for a new album and new sound looping and recording equipment.

I'm really inspired just to be in the creative process, with slight attachment to the outcome (i.e. how it sounds at the end). I'm discovering this thus far;

  • An artist is never happy with what is produced
  • I'm going to want to quit
  • I'd rather just create for the sake of creating, without having it be for something in the end.
  • When I create, I feel more alive.
So, what I want to also share with you is what I have been up to. Like I mentioned above, I am recording didgeridoo every day to spread awareness of my upcoming project to record and complete an album of sonic vibrations. This month I play every day. I record it every day. I post it every day.

Just like that. I am having to learn to come up with exciting content too. Like didgeridoo-ing out my second floor window, didgeridoo-ing at the gas station, and soon (which will totally put me at my edge) didgeridoo-ing on the moving BART train in the morning-yikes! 

Here are two videos from my super charged week and weekend. One is Day 3 from last Friday to the backdrop of some of Oakland's fine city-scapes. I fainted that morning at the hospital while drawing blood, and was comsically transported to the dream world, only to be awoken by the lab techs. It was super surreal and I was woozy and lightheaded all day.. but had a burst of energy on this night and dove into my vision of creating this. 

The other is from this morning at the gas station. Why not play sound that demands being present, if the listener can drop into Self, especially at the gas station, where consumption and excess prevail. 

And, it makes a difference when you watch these and share them, if you feel like it. The more awareness and energy this month's project has for the greater project and the greater project after that all helps support me and my sound making ventures, which is just so much fun and so inspiring.

I hope you enjoy~  Thanks.. ~B