April 13, 2010

Going With The Flow. (but what's my flow?)

We've all heard the saying, go with the flow, right? I've mostly heard it when people have told me to do so in times when it was clear I was noticeably not going with the flow. But how do we know we're going with the flow when no one is around to point it out to us?

I was listening to local Kauai radio (which I will definitely be on this saturday night)this past weekend and the deejay was playing a recording from Abraham who, for those of you that don't know, is a non-physical entity surmising all total consciousness channeled by Esther Hicks (you MAY want more info on this. Click here for an audio clip on wellbeing). She was mentioning how a woman at one of her recent seminars asked a question brought to her by her young daughter. 'Why are grown-ups so grumpy?' was the question, and Abraham thought this was the best question of the weekend. It's been on my mind too, I mean, here I am-in Hawaii, paradise and I find myself grumpy. So, what's up with all of this?

For me in this training so far there have been times when I just want to speak up, mostly when there is something going on that I think shouldn't be going on, like people showing up late and not saying anything about it? With the training I've received at Landmark Education I now know what it looks like to be my word, be in the flow of integrity, stand up for what's possible in the world and that when people show up late, they aren't connected to the view that they make a difference, so being late doesn't matter, because 'I' don't matter. Not to mention that they don't get the impact their not being present- on time has on others.

Yet, I find myself biting my tongue. Today in class the women were talking about relationships and about men. IT wasn't all good, I'm sure you can imagine, which isn't the point of this section here. They did say something that got me good though, I mean, really triggered me. A woman said, "but you're not like most men, you're nice." Later in class my teacher was mentioning that I'm "getting rave reviews as a neighbor because of how 'nice' I am." Well, I got mad. Would you believe it!? I even responded by saying, "I'm not always nice." One of the girls looked at me funny.

I do know I am a nice man and when being hosted show utmost respect and consideration, I was taught that, thank you mom. However, I know when I'm not saying what I need to say I wind up being nice instead of saying what I think won't be nice if I speak up. That's why I got triggered. Back to going with the flow.

Abraham feels going with the flow is a function of letting go. It described the flow as a series of never ending messages pointing us in the direction we are asking to go in. Over time, as we grow up and become adults, everything starts moving faster and we get ourselves stuck, therefore resisting the flow of the universe and what we want. Then we become grumpy adults, people who in language speak of things we think we cannot have, both tangible and intangible, that is the pitfall. Conversely, we have become excellent at swimming up-stream. According to Abraham our civilization has built its foundation on the accolades of those who have successfully swam against the current. Our history books and awards are all geared towards our salmon-like conquests. Because, somehow we think that going with the flow looks lazy? But what if life was meant to be easy and effortless, why are we working so hard? And who likes being grumpy anyways?

My question over the weekend was simple. What is going with the flow when there is no one but us to discern it? Specifically for me in yoga class, was it just going with the what is-in the environment of people showing up late and not starting on time despite my withheld opinions on the matter? OR, is going with the flow my internal voice and guiding light pointing me in the direction of speaking up and saying what has to be said?

I just heard Abraham mention that going with the flow is about being in your own personal freedom and joy, in every moment, or something like that. I take this as meaning as if there's something internal that needs to be said, then say it, then I am going with my own flow. And maybe that's personal, self expression is a biggy for me. When I have the space to speak up and say what's on my mind, I feel better. I don't do it all the time b/c that would be obnoxious. It's a balance, and one that has to be cared for. But, if imbalance occurs, well, you'll know it because you just might be suffering. My teacher says 'only say what is necessary and kind.'

Summing up, if I adhere to the flow of the world out there without participating in life (aka-not sharing my own truth in the moment), then, to me, well-there ain't no flowin' going on. What it manifests into is resistance and learning to swim against the current as I watch myself not letting go of my own chains that I bound myself by, and I really don't want to be a salmon. Is this making sense?

What do you need to let go of that would give you more freedom in your world? 
If you did let go of it, what would be possible for you?
Can you really be with the natural flow that your universe is showing you?   

I'd like to know!

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  1. This is my favorite part, "Summing up, if I adhere to the flow of the world out there without participating in life (aka-not sharing my own truth in the moment), then, to me, well-there ain't no flowin' going on."

    Thanks for the new questions to be with.

    Yep. This is helpful, Brandon and on and on!
    Still a rockstar! Holla!