September 23, 2011

Comet Elenin and The Comet Elenin Diner, now open!

Have you heard about Comet Elenin set to make its orbit next week?
Locals and many bay area astrology enthusiasts are talking nonsense which ranges that it's travel through our solar system will create certain doom, to conspiracy of President Obama's hiding in a bunker on September 27th, the day it's supposedly closest to Earth. 

Others more middle ground are blaming the comet presence on recent disputes and flares in their current relationships...

Comet Elenin Diner
Although one thing you may not have heard is about the new all organic vegan diner opening on the comet. Owner and aliens from the potentially habitable super-Earth, officially called HD 85512 b decided to take refuge on the comet and start a business in the attempts of creating interplanetary cooperation.

All food is sourced locally from the planet and includes native plant-based morsels like their vegan critter-crawler wraps to their tossed kurilian salad infused with blue-green and red pigments from the oil of their prized boo-boo-gee seed.

Owners Max and Starlight Shwartz-Kleinfelder are optimistic on the opening of their diner, properly called, 'Comet Elenin' and have began a soft-launch to nearby planets and constellations on the comets' path.
"We're hopeful the word gets out and centian beings from all over can come and enjoy a meal together in peace" says Max Kleinfelder.

The unbroadcasted announcement of the diner has already been picked up on earth through feeds, tweets, posts and updates.

Although recent talk from Earth's NASA that the comet is breaking up in space doesn't worry the Kleinfelders, "We're gonna make it all the way back to HD 85512 b!"

Although they aren't sure how to get back just yet, and again, remain optimistic.