July 18, 2010

Didg' and Kula Flow w/ Stephanie Sandleben

A few weeks ago I wrote a poem about my first experience playing the didgeridoo at Matt's (Satyavira) yoga class at Jivamukti. It was powerful and heart opening, enlightening and a great service to others. Last week I was in Williamsburg taking Stephanie Sandleben's class at Go Yoga as her guest b/c next week I will be playing at her 11am Kula Flow class on Saturday the 24th.

Last weeks class was special, not just b/c Stephanie is an amazing teacher, but also b/c she brought in 2 crystal bowl players (click here to find out what that means) to finish up class in restorative postures. WOW. This was truly a gift. The undulating vibrations of pure sound rolled in waves across my body as I was magically transported away to other worlds of possibility. I foresaw my future and became inspired by all the creative ideas I have. The next few hours I floated around Brooklyn, no cares in the world, feeling blissed out and happy.

So last night I played a party called, Get Your Dance On at Yogaworks in SoHo. 3 rooms filled with fun, Dj upstairs, live percussion dancing and didgeridoo mediation rooms downstairs. I have been lucky enough and grateful to play with AJ Block, founder of The Didg' Project here in New York City. I have also in the last few weeks played for individuals who wanted sound healing and have incorporated didgeridoo into my yoga sessions. They have always gotten up refreshed and bedazzled in some sense and throughout this time I had yet to experience the power of receiving the sound vibrations of the didgeridoo.  Until last night. Gosh, I was going to just write about class next week and it's turning into a book, like it always does. No matter. Ok, as I was saying, last night I played some for the people but also felt like laying around and receiving the didgeridoo. WOW again. So powerful. I left ready to fall asleep wherever I was and had to carry my bones back to Jersey which isn't always an easy transition on the weekends coming from the city.

Nevermind that, what was enlightening was how excited I was knowing that people are really receiving deep healing when the didgeridoo or crystal bowls or any sound healing instrument is being played.

That being said, I think you should REALLY come out this Saturday the 24th to Stephanie's and myself''s class at Kula Yoga, 11am. Link provided, get yourself blissed out.


July 04, 2010

A Poem Of Independence

Grateful and Happy,
Vedic Chanting,
Asana Praciticing,
Flow Happening,
Nerves Building,

Heart Pounding,
Self Doubting,
Sweat Dripping,
Heart Beating
Breath Shortening,
Self Doubting,
Breath Deepening
Body Connecting,
Feeling Feeling,
Staying with Feeling

Self  Remembering,
Brandon Believing,
Heart Opening,
Self Remembering,
Opportunity Coming,
Chest Expanding,

(time to play)

Mountain Standing,
Body Transitioning,
Humbly Sitting,

Didg' Playing,
They're Shoulder Standing,
Room Entrancing,
Sivasana Relaxing,
Trance Happening.

July 03, 2010

Didg'in in Jivamukti

Tomorrow I am invited to play the didgeridoo for Matt's yoga class at Jivamukti. I've never been to Jiva and am so excited and honored to step in and help create the space and play the healing music of the didgeridoo. Although, I am a little nervous b/c if I slip up, which I just might, how is that going to affect the class? Will people come out of their flow by this distraction? Will they get annoyed if I keep doing it? Maybe they won't mind?

I know if I can keep a steady flow the whole class it's going to be kick ass.

I'll report afterwards.