January 28, 2012

New Dreams of The Heart

I'm inspired today. I woke up at 5:30 this morning after some wild dreams and a night of healing bodywork from a new 'magic'(al) friend. My sacrum was pumped, chakras were explored and my lower back was stretched.

I got home late,
nausea's from the late night bus ride,
tired from the energy exchange.

Dreamt of  running across the country as a middle aged man,
I was successful (as entrepreneur),
Staring out-the infinite desert before me,
Confidently knowing my direction
into the unknown.

I could see the
browns and rusty colored haze
in the distance.

The vast expanse
of nothing.
Mesas silhouetting the periphery.

Squinting, but seeing
with vision.

I've been here before,
mentoring a younger man (at my side)
the journey ahead.

I could see the desert,
It was all
l , from here.

Then I ran up ,
back in the other direction
'what could this be like, going uphill?'

I had never ran that way before.
It seemed difficult
in thought.

In my heart
I knew I could do that too.

The dream shifted;

I had just come up with the
NEW name for the
NEW Star Wars Virtual Movie.

The guy said,
"I think Free Change is the name!"

The movie
about; well,
Star Wars,
was about a computerized
space battle.

Only the programmers
forgot to write a 'bit' of code,
and there was a black hole
in space,
where ships

I could see them
out of the screen.

Falling into this
one tiny bit
of nothing,
in interstellar space.
And disappearing.

A new code was written,
So they (ships)
could re-appear.

I remember
the code,
being written
on a screen,
in my dream.

Darth Vader was
being played by
Reggie Watts.

I remember having thoughts
after I woke up,
still in darkness-
That if i don't write these dreams down,
and try to remember them
when i get out of bed,
That I won't.
Or, I might not?
I may not go into lucidity.

The thought,
the dream,
it must be cleared
to allow
s p a c e
for what I
would be next.

Context for this post:
Last week I lucid dreamed.
I was flying in Hawaii.
Completely clear that I was in a dream,
I flew.
I felt the feelings of freedom,
soaring in the sky,
overlooking the ocean,

That dream came after 
writing down
a previous dream,
just occured,
about a movie-
or a screenplay..
'The ballerina who flew upside-down'
(I wrote it all down that night)

Then dreamt about
in Hawaii.

I felt the urge,
the intuition,
to write down my
so that I may access
whatever was to follow,
without attachment
to remember.

Make sense?

What came next?
I didn't fall back asleep.
I dreamt though.
Awake and inspired,
I have an idea!

(god, this post is long?)

What if I made my didgeridoo album as a dvd with music videos? What if I created a dvd and documentary called, 'Why We Didg' about didg players and why we love this instrument, bringing light and awareness to the world on this instrument. The movie would be clips of didg players and their process with the instrument. It would contain brilliant tracks of them playing with visuals of their life. Along with it, a cd with recordings, separate from the music in the dvd?

You see, I'm doing a project right now. The project is my life and the content (or one piece of it) is a didgeridoo album. Initially going to be a didgeridoo sound cd for yoga classes; I lay awake this morning in bed, inspired by recent dreams and having total access to creativity, that in my heart lay dormant newer and truer ideas more closely connected to my Self.

A yoga music cd sounded like a good idea at some point in the past, and now was this thing I was holding onto, that i had to create so i could market and sell a product which would give me money and opportunity to buy a vw bus and do workshops at yoga studios all over the land. A good idea in theory, I haven't been jazzed about making it or even knowing what it would sound like or even if i wanted to make yoga/didgeridoo/chanting sounds, i've been sitting with the thought of; what kind of sound and didgeridoo project do i REALLY want to create, that is an expression of ME and that feels fun and inspiring. 

One that is bigger, in my heart, than a good idea, from my mind.

That's when i came to the idea above... Which also can lead to the same place in my dreams and visions of how I want my life to look, based in travel and a product that is mine, that i love! This makes greater sense to me now... Of course one would want to follow the creative dreams connected to the heart. I thought, what if i created my product, my creation-my album based on the initial thoughts and visions of something that i wasnt connected to while making? What if i had a final product that wasn't what I really wanted to make bc it was connected to a past-based idea that was no longer serving me, or was with me.

Well, then that would be mad! I would have to rep a cd which wasn't a true expression of me, maybe show up in yoga classes and play/perform songs that weren't in my heart or maybe even have a finished product that I didn't want any longer and would scrap altogether to create the project I am going to make. That would be a waste of time, and is connected to being attached to an idea that I may think sounds good and does sound good but isn't really me.

I will create my project and my dream based on my heart and let the process unfold without knowing what it will be like or sound like or look like even. Because today, i begin recording!

More to come on this.