Kauai Videos

The Egg-Fruit Movie from brandon waloff on Vimeo.
I love me a good Egg-Fruit. (aka Canistel, Mammee Sapote, Lucuma) Here I am in the yoga studio devouring the goodness.

The Noni fruit (MmmmmbbBLAAHhhhhhmmmmm?) from brandon waloff on Vimeo.
Ever eat a Noni? Have you ever heard of one!? Here is reason to.  

Here are some videos, random but important, that I made while in Kaua'i and continue to make in the mainland and beyond.

Didj' in the meadow from brandon waloff on Vimeo.
I like to play didjeridoo... When I was in Australia, I first heard a man playing for minutes on end without stop. When he did stop, all he said to me was, "it's an amazing journey." That pretty much did me in right there. My new quest: to learn the art of circular breathing.....

Anini Beach Bike Ride from brandon waloff on Vimeo.
Riding to Anini Beach.. just about 20 minutes from the homestead...

Hanalei Farmers Market from brandon waloff on Vimeo.
On an amazing Saturday morning in Hanalei (Hahn-a-lay) everyone comes out to the farmers market. This man has been playing at the markets of late, i hear, his music is dreamy and light. The instrument is actually called an Air Guitar.