April 19, 2010

The Language of Judgement, The Language of Love.

What comes out of our mouth is 100% consistent to how we view our world. I have to acknowledge my lack of foresight on my last post. I really have no idea if the subject in the picture doing wide legged standing forward bend felt constrained. While it doesn't support the natural flow and alignment of the sacrum and spine, maybe it works for the person doing it? Maybe she feels good? I don't know?

Irregardless, the point of this post is that my language noted something different. As a yoga teacher, and as a person, I don't want to say someone else's way of doing things isn't worthwhile to them on their journey. Yesterday I was at a coffee shop in Kapa'a (getting coconut water). I met some people and we all started talking about consciousness through music and sound vs. how music is taught in theory. Anyway, it was a good conversation-not for now. What is for now is that Kristen said something that really made sense.

"I think judgement is confused love." Wow. What a statement. I couldn't agree more. Anytime we react to a situation or certain people that does not support what we want (I piggybacked on the comment) is us being judgmental. Think about it for a second before you react.

So, is our judgement really just confused love? Because if we could give up judging everything- all the time, and totally accept the moment, would we be open to love as something that's possible for us? From that I agree that all judgement stems from a place where we either weren't loved before or weren't taught to accept.

This is all very new processing, what do you think?

Getting back to my language, I have to watch it. Because by me saying this is the way, even though those weren't the exact words that came out of my mouth, Alicia-a yoga teacher trainer from YogaWorks, saw it as that. Did she see it as judgement? I don't know, maybe? It doesn't matter to argue or question. If we are going to be good yogis in the world, we have to all get along and see each other's points-of-view. I'm in a teacher training program, and it takes a village. All yoga stems from the same source and in my opinion can lead to source.

By openly looking at our language, we have the divine power and opportunity to enable ourselves to transform who we are now, for who we want to be. Which I believe are loving, peaceful people on the planet who do good for each other.  However, we have to be willing to look at ourself first, and really be honest, because despite thinking we may be right, our words impact people.

That's all I have to say about that... for now.

Mahalo~ Brandon.

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  1. this was lovely, inspiring, and fabulous.

    thank you. i'm so glad to hear you're experiencing this phase of your life. i seem to be tapping into your emotions regarding that beautiful place you just left.