March 15, 2012

Project Food Budget

Week 24 of Project: Week 1 for Brandon

Total Spent: $171.52
Goal: I had no goal (this is my first week!)

This was an interesting process for me, I did notice I was more conscious of my food spending and naturally wanted to keep my ‘no-goal budget’ as low as possible. Now that I know what I spent I can gage my resources better, look and see what worked and what didn’t work and create a budget for next week, which will be $125.

Most of the money spent here was at Rainbow Grocery (best coop EVER!), the farmers market, Whole Foods Market and then the rest was crappy junk food spending on donuts and pizza (no shame) and this spice shop in Oakland where 4.6% of my resources for the week went to two varieties of sea salt (I like calculating the breakdowns here- I’m a numbers guy).

However, 48.8% of my money went to groceries, the rest went to lunches, eating out, snacks and well, sea salt. Interessssstting.

This is my friend Emily Levenson's project and idea. You can visit her link below and find out more about her and if you blog, join the crew!

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