March 22, 2012

Project Food Budget: Week 25

Goal for week 25: $125
Actual: $261.26 –wow.

Presently speechless. Kind’a. I counted every dollar and cent that went towards any liquid or solid entering my (or my friends) mouths. I did spend $68.39 on dinner for two last Friday night, as well as a new affinity for coffee (I haven’t drank the brew in almost 3 or 4 months) which accounted for a whopping $8.00. I also consumed a $5.00 whiskey drink last Sunday evening and about 7 slices of pizza too. Not bad for a holistic health coach;p So I wonder if buying friends tea or dinner counts as part of this project, Emily?

Also, I have this idea now to keep all the wrappers that come along with the food I buy and take a photo of that for the next time just b/c I’m starting to wonder about my own carbon footprint. For instance, and besides the melodramatic coffee habit I state to have now, I do have a coconut water habit. That I am clear of. I drank an estimated 10-12 coconut waters this past week. Retailing from $1.69 to $2.00 (all on sale!) is an estimated $22.14 on coco water.. Which is fine actually. Totally worth it.

Ok, we’ll see what pops for next week!

Goal for week 26: $100


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  1. What you consider to be part of your "food budget" is up to you. A lot of people have a separate entertainment budget. Others don't.

    If you see a pattern that your spending is hovering around that level, maybe a budget adjustment would be advised.

    Also, looking for ways to buy products in bulk (coconut water) might be helpful. Costco sells it by the case!