March 11, 2012

Coconut Water 2.0

I love coconut water. Lot's of people I know love coconut water too! And then there are some people I know who love crappy coconut water, but that's not their fault. I think it's because they have yet to taste the water straight from a coconut, direct from source.

Enter the current coconut water boom in the ever expanding, ever competitive beverage marketplace. If you're like most natural food coconut water connoisseurs, taste is everything, price is too (obviously), but not as much as taste and quality.

Many of the now mainstream coconut waters on the market are sourced from factory farms in Thailand, India and Brazil. Some of the waters you will drink even contain blends of different coconuts, from different farms, they just pour 'em into a big vat or something and bottle. That's gross, and I'm not mentioning the chemical and formaldehyde processing that undergo the coconut water production line of process.

The thing with coconut water that makes coconut water's like Harmless Harvest so good, are that it's from a coconut. One coconut, right from the source, raw and unheated! This means Harmless Harvest will contain what coconut waters naturally contain; the electrolytes, minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium, amino acids, low sugar sugar content, alkalizes the body, clears the urinary pathway and apparently kills intestinal worms. There. Oh, and it will taste like coconut water. Not something indescribable like the many current versions available today. 

I once heard David Wolfe, a leading expert in raw food nutrition say that the reason raw foods are coming into play right now is b/c the world is hot, we are hot and inflamed as a civilization. You can just look at the news every day; war, fighting, greed. As well as some of the most prevalent chronic diseases and conditions like heart disease, diabetes and acid-reflux. These are all diseases of excess heat that cause inflammation. So coconut water is a great way to bring balance to the body because of it's cooling, calming and alkalizing properties that heal the body from an acid/inflammatory state to an alkalizing balanced state of being.

Back to the brands here; I used to drink C2O daily. Mostly b/c it was on sale at Rainbow Grocery for $1.69 which for me, is tops. I'm pretty selective when it comes to coconut waters. I won't buy Zico or VitaCoco anymore, the taste is just too far away from what a water from a coconut actually tastes like, surprise-surprise when it comes to food nowadays, right?

The tall 16 oz.cans like C2O that grace the cold cases in Whole Foods Market and natural food stores alike are usually pretty good and Brandon worthy. But I'm now just finding out that they are pasteurized, treated with chemicals and ready for this-not as good as what else is available (that, btw, is key here). Time for an upgrade? No problem.

I found Harmless Harvest, who pressurizes their coconut water without heat for preserving which doesn't kill beneficial nutrients. They don't use chemicals, are USDA organic and use farming practices based in sustainability. I can say I found my next coconut water of choice. And, yes, the coconut water tastes like coconut water-thank god.

But what about the price and the quantity? Why would I go from C2O to Harmless Harvest given that I will pay more and drink less? An 8oz bottle is $2.49 at The Oakland Whole Foods Market. 

I recently heard a branding expert, Eric Barron, speak about two things he looks for in a product or service, and that is if that product or service handles his fears and takes care of his wants he has no problem paying more. Given that he is an extrovert and someone who likes being in charge, he also loves when he is taken charge of. The example he used was his new tailor in Jersey. Recently moved from Manhattan and looking for a new tailor, he found an old-school Italian guy who's been doing custom tailoring since tailoring existed. "Get up there, turn around, I don't have all day." Eric mentioned that he loved being taken charge of and when his suit came back beautifully tailored, he had no problem paying this guy $200 on top of what he normally paid in Manhattan. His fears were taken care of, his wants met. Done deal.

Because this brand of coconut water handles my context for healthy living and healthy products, being that they are the most healing and best possible product out there I become a consumer. If a brand has that and I see that it has that, I won't be counting my change and going over cost/benefit analysis on the way out, I'm gonna buy it hands down and I'll be happy to do so. That's a good product. Here's their YouTube link on how they work, take a look.

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