March 30, 2012

Project Food Budget; Week 3 for me!

Budget I set for myself: $100
Actual Budget: $156.76

This is harder than I think it is.. I also think that it's just figuring out exactly what I need each week (coconut water-it's a must).

Let's see, looking through the receipts here I wonder, 'did I forget to add anything?' Well, hmmm.. Since I didnt keep purchase by purchase account in my memo pad in my phone this time around I do wonder, but don't feel bad b/c I still went over and if I forgot anything then my total doesn't have to increase any more than it's already.

And, I have no idea why I set $100 as my goal. That's crazy pants.

It was also my birthday last weekend, so I allowed myself to spend more exuberantly on the big day, March 24th.. Holla' I have included a photo of the NY/East Coast style lunch I had after the trip! Look!

Ok, let's look at the items..

  • crumbled feta cheese.. mmmm
  • black trumpet mushrooms... ick-there were all kinds of twigs and dirt and leaves in the them. Got bulk at The Berkeley Bowl.
  • Salmon Jerky... mmmm.
  • Ox Tail and Beef Cubes for stew (all farm raised organically w/o hormones)- I made a 3 day crock pot with cabbage, rutabaga, brocolli, kelp noodles, tomatoes, kale and the like. It served a few rounds of meals for me. 
  • I've been eating Larabars in the morning when I dont have time to make a bigger meal. Then I slather coconut oil on the bar and mmm-mmm-mmmeatmmm up!
  • The Jalapeno cheese puffs were really good, and worthless.
  • The treat of the week was the GF Lemon Lavender tea cake. It was SOO moist and squishy. I wish Canola Oil wasn't used though.
  • The hot chocolate with whipped cream at the BART station served me well in the moment while waiting for a friend to pick me up last tuesday. I asked for some chocolate syrup on top and the lady's like, "that's extra." I'm like, "Come ON!" Then I got a free dribble. So yummy, but I had a stomach ache after.
  • I have to say the Udon Noodle Nori Logs are stupendous!! (wish i could find the link to those!) Umeboshi, toasted sesame seeds, avocado and udon noodles wrapped up in Udon.
Ok, gotta go dance now!

See ya'll soon~

~B (my friend Emily's blog post posted below-Project Food Budget is her creation!)

I’m excited to report that I have some great company on my Project: Food Budget challenge. Please check out these wonderful blogs, and give them support as they take on this challenge.
All have different budgets, number of mouths to feed, and food preferences {veggie + meat eating}. And yet, all have a common goal of saving money and making better choices when it comes to the food we put on our table.
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  1. What have you consistently been spending on your weekly food purchases? My original goal when starting the project the first time around was $50/week. I realized VERY quickly that would not be possible. So I raised it to $85/week. Still struggled with it. This time around, I raised it again (cost of food went up!) and am having a hard time hitting the $100/month mark. So it goes...