March 08, 2012

Marching Along

29 Days of Didgeridoo has come and gone, I can't believe I did that, and did it successfully!? All of my posts are on this blog under the '29 days of didge' tab so you can scroll through and watch or listen to your favorite days.

Now that I am completed with that I've got 2 weeks to complete my indiegogo launch. I'm going for a few thousand to fund my first completed album along with some cool equipment I can mess around with and do some performing with.

This past weekend was IIN's Mega Conference, so we made a video on their red carpet that I will be sharing shortly, keep an eye out for that.

Being at the conference really inspired me. I realize I have lots to offer the world in terms of nutrition and wellness, coaching and creative solutions. I left feeling super around rebuilding this website and creating the foundation for living my dreams.. Oh I have some good ideas and I'll be sharing them soon as well, once the didgeridoo album is complete this summer!

In the meantime, if you want to find out about Integrative Nutrition please ask me and I'll share how this school will no doubt change your life!


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