April 19, 2011


That would be a funny title of my new album?.. My new album.. not quite used to that one yet and I'm curious to know how it will sound once finished.. Right now we have about 37 tracks. Obviously way too long for a cd and a lot of the tracks are experimental music and sound..

There are a few gems though and I'm looking forward to finishing up the editing process so we can move ahead and have a product.. (by we I mean me, myself and I.. well wait, thats not true. Leif is the man and is my sound engineer).

2.) I think I'm going to do a kick-starter project to fund the completion of this, and help pay for cd jackets, labeling and the mixing process which I'll need to go back into the studio for.

One thing is for certain that makes me chuckle.. And that's while I spend all this energy on figuring out where I'll be living, where I'll be working, who I'll be dating, etc, etc, etc.. the one thing that is staying true is me and my didgeridoo~ Meaning, instead of focusing on what's not there or what i think should be happening with my life, maybe i'd want to pay attention on what is happening, and thats making shamanic, earth sounds with the didg' and playing in yoga classes.

This is what is actually happening with my life right now. 'Nuff said. I keep on marching.


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  1. Hi Brandon.I always enjoyed Bushwacked and your smart-alec ways. I think you're very clever. So what made you give stardom? The show is struggling without you as the blond books and the pakistani looking new guy don't seem to know what the show is all about. Maybe you could take over again and save the show and offer your special brand of entertainment?