April 06, 2011

In the studio

On Monday I went into the studio to begin the process of recording my very first album.. I'm super stoked~
I didn't have to search far and wide either, .... My neighbor two doors down from me has a recording studio in his house.. I love West Oakland... Leif makes his own pedals and tours and records and teaches.. such a great life.. His studio and business is called Structure Sound

It's something I've always wanted to do and I love this new and recent follow through I'm experiencing in my life. It makes me wonder why everyone doesn't do what they've always wanted? I don't even care how the cd turns out- i'm lying. Really though, the process is dynamic and is offering me this amazement that is my life right now.

I fully intend on carrying that intention through til I die.. til the very super sweet end I'm going to experience myself living the life I've always wanted, doing what I've always said and at least practicing contentment at whatever shows up.

As for the cd.. initially I wanted it to be this meditative, cosmic yoga-ee cd that could be played in savasanas at the end of class or when people are meditating, getting bodywork, what have you.. And the process is turning out to be this groovy, percussive, dancey, meditative cd.  I brought in Stephanie who is a healer who makes pretty jewelry and plays crystal singing bowls, Ayla who is a beautiful vocalist and guitar player, and me! I play didgeridoo and also did some mouth vocal-beats and percussion.

I listened to the tracks today and while some need some work, there is this spirit and play that's present in the music. I was listening to it on the way to and from work.. so sweet.

Next I'm going to complete it by bringing in Michael and another Stephanie who play flute and harmonium.

What have you always wanted that you haven't let yourself do yet? You know you're going to die someday... Not trying to frighten you, but you better get connected to that thought now and git yer butt in gear if you've been putting stuff off.

Live boldly.


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