February 11, 2011

Yellowbox Eucalypt.

The next didg' has been acquired.. Proud to say after traveling to 4 different locals
from LA to Ojai back to the Bay to Oakhurst (near Yosemite) I found my didg today,
a Yellowbox Naiuwa [n-eye-oo-ah] Family Didg...

It's low, deep and resonant... cosmic sounding, meditative and trancy..

It's what called to me.. I am totally stoked.  It doesn't quite look like this one, although it does have a snake on it.. b/c the sound slithers all smooth-like~

Now I have to do some oil curing work to seal the inside so it doesn't crack like my last one did
b/c i never knew how to care for it.. ANd the old didg can be saved and will be badder than ever
when Im through with it's transformation.

Sleepy now.. gonna rest up mates~


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