March 30, 2010

Friday night light

Getting ready for Passover in Kauai.. I'm excited to branch out and explore what I can while I am here. I called a rabbi who practices here last week and got invited to his sedar, he also invited me to a minion (prayer on the sabbath) for Saturday morning which I humbly accepted. It turned out that the house he was renting for Shabbos was only 1 street away from mine.

On Friday night I was taking a walk along the street in my new neighborhood, which is a very suburban feel with golf courses surrounding, I am not too fond.  On Friday night I was walking down the path along the street at sunset talking with a man I met originally from North Carolina who with his 3-month old daughter. In the distance coming towards me was a Hasidic man and a secular woman.

I immediately knew he must be looking for this rabbi's house b/c there really are, like, zero religious Jews in Kauai. I said Shabbat shalom. He looked sweaty and out of sorts. I asked him if he was Rabbi Michal. "No, I'm trying to get to his house, do you know where it is?"  "Yes" I said. The woman he was with was trying to help him find his way around. It turned out he was late for shabbos and had to leave his car and walk to the house.  He didn't remember his way.

It turned out that I had just spoke with the rabbi the day earlier and remembered the exact address of the house he was staying at. I said, 3856 Punahele Rd. The woman who was with him said, "Punahele Rd. is right there." We were standing right at the entrance of the street.

The next day for shabbos, Yosef referred to me as 'the angel' who helped Zolmon the night before.  I liked that.

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