February 08, 2012

Signs of Commitment w/o Attachment

I woke up BEFORE my alarm this morning.
Inspired, ready to play didg' and
record today's video.
I'm loving the process.

It's a foggy morning
here in the East BaY~
Perfect for a mysterious
didgeridoo video recording.

I had the perfect spot in mind.

The Champions of Humanity
Memorial Sculpture in Oakland,
just a few blocks from my house.

Set up time: 45 minutes
Travel to and fro: 25 minutes
Recording length: 10 minutes.

Arriving back at my house to quickly
and leave for work,

I realize something;
The audio didn't record.

Such beautiful imagery,
but no audio.
No didgeridoo sounds.
No audio of the passage from
Warrior of The Light.

Gotta do it again.

In the shower I was
feeling inspired still.
A marker, this was;
It stood out.

Being so committed
to the process,
without loosing
without being
attached to the outcome,
ready to begin again.
I love the process,
commitment shines.


1 comment:

  1. I really like that Brandon thank you. Makes me think of Andy Goldsworthy's work. All natural fleeting creations that eventually are lost back into the universe.