February 09, 2012

Day 9

Tired now at work, needed to jump back into the expression of creativity and talk about this process. It’s amazing what I am noticing. I don’t even care what the end result is of all this didgeridoo-ing; if there is a final product, an album or even where to be next month? I’m so engrossed in this 29 days of didg where I record and play every day for February.

It’s been so fun posting daily, getting up early just to practice, where I will go and record, how I will create the camera angle, the lighting and what else I can integrate into my videos so they aren’t redundant.

I’d love some feedback.. Where do you want to see me play? With who? With what? I’m ready to start expanding my game.


p.s. here is day 9, if you haven’t seen yet…

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