March 11, 2011

Online Busking

I woke up today with a great idea. It got me straight out of bed on this beautiful day in Oakland to write this and lead to what you are reading right now. You see, I love playing the didgeridoo. And I play it on the streets and busk. Last Tuesday I played at the Berekely Farmers Market and made a little under $20.

The money didn't matter though, it was who I got to be that did. I felt alive, out there (in the way that I felt connected and part of life, like I was creating something), inspired and taking charge of my life, how crazy that may sound I don't know b/c I was just playing music on the street, but that's how I felt.

Kids would just sit down in front of me, mezmorized by the the undulating, cavernous sounds of my new didgeridoo in the key of 'B'. It garners a beautiful snake along it and as I weaved my hand in a snake-like way created more of the dreamtime atmosphere, something that every child who passed latched onto. I just adored myself and my music and these precious little kids who are so young and vibrant, full of energy and so curious to learn about every super cool thing that passes by them.

Now, I'm inspired to do this online busking post. I'm busy out here creating and am about to start a major project in my life. I will do it, that I am 100% clear about. What's been great about being out in California for me is that I no longer care about getting it perfect. That stopped me before. So now, a few weeks shy of my 32nd birthday I'm about to embark on a business that is sure to change the way natural food product companies are viewed.. but i'll have to keep it a bit secretive for now..

In the meantime, back to this online busking.. I'm trying to raise some funds so I can come back to the east coast in May to visit friends, dance with my 5-rhythms community and attend a wedding of my homeboy from childhood...What do ya think? If you like what you see, please feel free to drop a few dimes in the bucket, or not. Either way I am happy to share~



  1. You hypnotized me. That was great.

  2. Have you tried the Busker's Bible? Check this out:

  3. hey mate ive actually been working on an online busking site for a couple of years now. its finally up and running. check it out at
    upload some videos to help kick it off :D