March 25, 2011

Im 32

Woot~ Im 32.. Happy Birthday to me! (you be good to Brandon!)

Thats what a dear person in my life said to me yesterday.. it was a tough birthday, with so many choices and options right now.. I was feelin it.

We take life so seriously you know? I mean I can only speak personally here but im sure you can relate, right? From our careers, to our paintings, what to order off the menu, which yoga class to take, whatever.. we get in our heads. I was in my head.

I just returned from LA, and LA Outback, a supreme didgeridoo company wants me to work with them, then I got a new job up here in SF (recession?) and trying to sort out all of that, move at the end of the month, figure out my tattoo and try to get my cell phone charged so i can call moms, i was feelin it!

That's when an angel with wings swooped down and looked me straight in the eye and said, "You be good to my friend Brandon!"

Ease up.


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