August 27, 2012

thank you for visiting me!

I can see since being much more active on Twitter, I've been getting some page views. Better update now, no time to judge/be critical of what I post.

The scoop is I'm playing lots of didgeridoo and am dancing through it all.

Recent News:

EmmaDilemma band (from left, Brandon Waloff (me),
Emma, Tiffinay Nay, Ben Runnels)
  • I was invited to play with the 'trip folk' band, EmmaDilemma at WTF (What The Festival in Oregon this past July! It was so fun! Here's a picture of us on stage during the sunrise set at heart stage) #blessed.
  • I am now the didgeridoo player for Axis Mundi, a shamanic, kundalini trance band. Our next show is in Richmond, CA on September 29th! #sweet!
  • TONIGHT (which is/was monday aug 27th) I am playing at Cory's contact improvisation dance and aerial trapeze dance class in Fairfax! #stoked.
  • I PROMISE, I am doing a didgeridoo indiegogo fundraiser for an album to be released at some point in this lifetime. Coming soon, the details are, #sigh.
  • I will be playing didgeridoo with sound healer, Gabriel Goldberg and yoga teacher Rebecca Blake (Yogarina Heartfly) at a Yoga, Sounds Healing and Hot Springs retreat in northern california Oct 6th-Oct 8th, linked here. Food and camping is provided for the cost. Hot springs available as well! #come!
  • In other news!I snuck into #phish on 8/19/12 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. #slick.
    Just wanted to share that and I love Phish again almighty!

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