June 29, 2011

Staying Put

So I'm gonna stay in the bay. After a rough week in LA and realizing that my community is right here, right now it came to me on the I-5 North drive to sunrise on my way back up here that this is my home.

So I'm not sure when I will be living in Los Angeles if at all? I am still open to it but one thing that is ringing true for me right now is to get myself grounded and start making money and being of service to my community, stepping up; which is something that came to me in Vipassana very strongly.

So I am now wanting to be of service for peoples health and wellness and am offering donation-based health counseling.

I will give you a session and a half (90 minutes-$150 dollars of value) for any amount you wish to pay.

Learn more about your health and how to become healthier and stronger on your own food journey by learning macrobiotics, ayurveda and chinese medicine principals along with energetics of food and seasonal eating and cleansing techniques.

Whatever is needed for your own unique 'bioindividuality' -which means your own unique you-ness, we will discuss and go over so you can gradually incorporate healthier options into your day without guilt or worry.
If you would like to take this step, the paypal button below and on the right side tool bar of this blog and you can make any donation. I will then contact you and send you a health history to be filled out and we will schedule a time to talk or to meet in person.

I'm here for you!


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