January 14, 2011

Are Heartstrings Meant to Be Cut?

Im feeling the grind. The spokes rubbing up against me.. Man, sometimes it's hard to get myself clear amidst the circuitry, the noise, the toxins. What do I really want? Why do I seem to hold out on everything in order to find the answer to that question. It seems obvious and easy to go with the flow, take what comes your way (in this case, my way), be in the moment and I generally like the idea that life should be a discovery.

However, my life isn't always like that.

I question a lot. A lot.


It's a beautiful day here in the bay, although I don't feel so happy today. I cut myself off from the heart, and I can feel it. And now, the broken string dangles and a void rises to the surface. Like the Woody Woodpecker float from Seinfeld that was cut (actually punctured in this case), I'm kinda hangin' off balance.

Why do we call them heartstrings? I found out there really are strings called heart or, chordae tendinae, but I don't care much for science right now...

That's as far as I'm going to go with that one for now...


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