July 04, 2010

A Poem Of Independence

Grateful and Happy,
Vedic Chanting,
Asana Praciticing,
Flow Happening,
Nerves Building,

Heart Pounding,
Self Doubting,
Sweat Dripping,
Heart Beating
Breath Shortening,
Self Doubting,
Breath Deepening
Body Connecting,
Feeling Feeling,
Staying with Feeling

Self  Remembering,
Brandon Believing,
Heart Opening,
Self Remembering,
Opportunity Coming,
Chest Expanding,

(time to play)

Mountain Standing,
Body Transitioning,
Humbly Sitting,

Didg' Playing,
They're Shoulder Standing,
Room Entrancing,
Sivasana Relaxing,
Trance Happening.

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